An endless passion for music, for voices,
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The Journey of Towfique Ahmed’s music started from childhood. He started learning Tablas at the age of 10. Due to having strong connection with Art & Culture his parents showed firm enthusiasm towards their child taking him through Poetry Recitation, Acting & Music. Towfique‘s father Late. Firoz Ahmed was a Freedom Fighter, Lawyer, Politician, Social Worker, precisely a person of influential public speaking capability. His mother Tayeba Khatun (Chemi) served Bangladesh Government in her entire life under the Ministry of Woman and Child Affairs (Bangladesh Shishu Academy) as District Head for Khulna Division who else is a Social Worker, Writer and, a proud Rotarian. Towfique is an Ex- Cadet from Jhenaidah Cadet College as so his father; his involvement in various cultural activities throughout his college life amounted him to be responsible as College Cultural Prefect (Leader) in the year 2005. Remarkable achievements of Towfique‘s were; Runner up for Bangla Solo Acting (2004) and, Championing Band (2005) in the competitions among all cadet colleges held respectively. Later, he formed a band with his cadet college mates where he used to play drums along with song writing and, drawing lyrics. However, due to commencing higher studies, Towfique made his move to the United Kingdom to study Law as to furnish the desire of his parents therefore the band move for ‘Piero’ did not sustain long. Moreover, he began to get himself involved into Hip Hop Music after making his presence in the UK scene, he appreciated this as blessings! ‘Rajotto’ was formed in the UK.

Band ‘Rajotto’ Movement: In the year 2007 Towfique met Faisal Roddy who else went to the UK to execute higher education in Law; a person full of Art and Cultural by mind. The chemistry between to duo reflected through their two studio albums called ‘Rajotto’ (Self Titled) and ‘Dashotto’ where they have shared a common yard of philosophies, where issues like Class struggle,

Human rights, Social Problems and, precisely Politics was prioritised; though the duo wrote and tuned songs on variety of subjects including Love, Deception, Revolution and so on. However, the BANGLA have been always their medium to express their art through music. Towfiqueand Faisal Roddy released their joint venture ‘Rajotto’ (Album) where the music was produced by prominent British Music Composer Gareth Redfarn in High Street Studio, London. After years of dedication in composing and recording, in the year 2010 under EktaarMusic (Bangladesh), their first album was released successfully. Music Videos for ‘Bidrohi’, ‘Nagordola’ and ‘Desh O Durniti’ went viral in years 2010 to 2012 and appreciated by listeners at large. ‘Rajotto’ had and still has a very strong comradeship with visual production house ‘RedMark Films, UK’ where Director Asif Islam had changed the whole scene for audio-visual game in the industry and which he continues. The duo were singed to release few of their songs in English with Right Track Record and Distribution (UK & USA) , a strategic partner of Universal Music however due to unavoidable causes the deal did not go through. Mixed album releases ‘Desh O Durniti’ (Desh Project) and ‘Slogan’ (Hatiyar) were released before they reach upon releasing their second Band Album ‘Dashotto’.  SAE (UK) graduate Md. Afzal Hossain Tamim recorded and produced the music for DASHOTTO after taking 4 years of time, at his workstation called ‘Pebble Studio’. Under the prominent record label called ‘G Series’ the duo re-released ‘Rajotto’ and released ‘Dashotto’ in 2014. One of latest singles from the duo ‘AMI BANGLADESH’ made a massive impact over the youth as one of the motivational songs where the song was dedicated to Bangladesh Cricket Team. Band ‘Rajotto’ is currently working in their third Band Album where L.M.G BEATS (Nafis & Shubhro) is ready to produce the music who did music for ‘AMI BANGLADESH’ and ‘BARUD’ (Single by Towfique) in prior. ‘Rajotto’ intends to release their third Band project in the year 2017 with Music Videos.

A Voice.

Solo Career:

Besides Band Movement for ‘Rajotto’, Towfique Ahmed kept himself cultivating music cross-genres. Though ‘Rajotto’ is an Alternative Hip Hop Crew where the band is mainly influenced by Kobi-Gaan (Sub genre of Eastern Folk Music) merging Western Hip Hop subject to Khepa-Gaan however connection with Eastern Classical Music and Rock Music always have been influential for Towfique as always. Though at his early stage of careering into music Towfique introduced himself as CK TOFF (stands for Charon Kobi Towfique), now the artist prefers himself to be presented as ‘TOWFIQUE‘. Solo involvements (with music videos) like ‘Atto-kothon ft. Surjo’, ‘Protisshruti’, ‘Char Beharar Palki’ made him standing at his own, individually. Apart from Rapping Towfique is a Singer, Song Writer and Lyricist. In ‘Rajotto’ he mostly raps however he sings as well. ‘Char Beharar Palki’ which was created in memory of his father was introduced Towfique not only as a rapper but also as a singer. In late 2012, Towfique released one of his hit numbers called ‘Khepa Gaan’ where he reached the mass with a huge response. The song was produced by one of the prominent music producers named ‘ADIT’ who sang it through in addition. Adit’s love towards Rap Music made Towfique reaching more public attention. The music video went viral where video was directed by Polock and Shimul from PrekkaGreeho Visual Factory who else did the video production for Towfique‘s ‘Protrisshuti’ beforehand. Attachment with Adit brought a number songs into Towfique‘s career lately where music were at its best to be experimented. Song named by ’52’ which was dedicated towards martyrs of the 1952 language movement in precise keeping the connection to show love towards every languages therefore prominent Benglali Rap Artist A.13.D (Abdullah) was introduced to execute Rap in English. Music Video for ’52’ was alluring to be cherished by people across the world. Forming ‘Aditarians’ Towfique was one of the key parts where Adit planned to bring fusion within Eastern Classical and Bangla Hip Hop Music. Contribution towards Hip Hop Music from a mainstream music producer like Adit made Towfique grateful not only furnishing his career but also strengthen the Hip Hop movement of Bangladesh as a whole. Under the musical hood of ‘Aditarians’ Towfique was involved in a song named ‘Jochona’ where female artist Dola performed her best to win the heart of the mass people. Music video for ‘Jochona’ produced by GP Music made milestones in the industry! For music videos, Towfique is attached with Tanim Rahman Angshu who provided direction for ’52’, ‘Atharo Bochor boyosh’, ‘Ure Jai’ and supported for the making of ‘Jochona’. Moreover, Team ‘Aditarians’ is determined to release their experimental album called ‘Bokader Gaan’ within 2017.

Playback Career:

Towfique did the title song for ‘Musafir’ along with Fahad where talented music composer Naved was present too. Film title for ‘U Turn’ was released where Adit sang along with Towfique with music composition. Towfique appeared with Adit in ‘Zero Degree’ where the experimented Tagore Song and Bangla Rap. Towfique is appearing in another film title song along with Adit called ‘Voyonkor Shundor’. ‘Rajotto’s Faisal Roddy is involving Towfique in film songs where Faisal Roddy has been both the script writer and director for films ‘Paatshala’ and ‘Jajabor’ (Title Track).

Other Involvement:

Youth sensation Pritom Ahmed and Towfique has executed a theme song (Atharo Bochor Boyosh) for country’s top national daily ‘Prothom Alo’ at their 18th Anniversary along with Minar, Oyshee and Naumi where Towfique recited poetry written by Sukanto Battyacharya. The music video was loved by the current youth of the nation at large. U.S EMBASSY DHAKA has celebrated their social media achievement by producing a theme song (Anonde Nache ei Mon) where Towfique had his involvement via Rapping along with Pritom and Tahsan and many more. Towfique appeared as a cameo in the song called ‘Ure Jai’ where he wrote the song for Bammy and Shahtaj (Produced by Adit) which was a milestone for both the music industry and visual scenario. Millions of people viewed the creation in social media. Towfique sang and performed a song along with Kona which was produced by B.B.C (amrai pari) in relation to build social awareness among public in respect of earthquake. A song with Xefer along with Nagib Hawk called ‘Don’t Back Down’ received massive people’s love for Towfique‘s lyric and flow. BPL theme song for Sylhet SuperStar executed along with Balam was one of his best commercial successes.

Live performances:

Towfique has been performing as a performing artist from his very childhood. Before making his presence in Bangladeshi music industry Towfique used to perform in various occasions in the UK. As Band ‘Rajotto’ Towfique has performed at a number of concerts, profoundly at BD HIP HOP FEST, HEY FEST, PROJECT KOMBOL, HIP HOP JAATI and many more. Team ‘Aditarians’ has performed at many places in the country and plans to perform more. Towfique appeared as guest artist while performing with popular rock band ARBOVIRUS at Close Up Volt. Due to distinctive rational reasons Towfique does not move on to stage regularly however he is taking initiatives to does so for future. His appearance in ‘Wind of Change’ arranged by Gaan Bangla TV hyped the nation immensely while he performed with artists like Balam, Mila, Taposh and Romel Ali in alignment with world’s best musicians across the globe. Towfique had been in good tough performing in FM Radios than TV Media.
Towfique is a Lawyer (Barrister at Law) by profession. Currently he is involved as a Lecturer of Law at a renown Private University and, at a Law College as well. He is responsible to carry on his father’s legacy in the filed of Law in further. Music is passion to him more it becomes a profession. He is the lyrical man, the poet, the singer, Charon Kobi Towfique.